Students are the change makers of tomorrow,develop your network and find opportunities to combine surfing with your educational journey.




Student Symposia


 Are you a student in the field of healthcare, sport science and/or environment studies? Do you love surfing? Do you want to share your knowledge, learn more about surfing medicine and connect with like-minded people.

We want you! SMI for students is the place for students to connect, collaborate and get involved in the ever growing and evolving community of SMI.


SMI students get the opportunity to become really involved in surfing medicine, sign up as an affiliate of SMI.

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  • Join our research sessions for free

Stay up to date in the latest knowledge in the field of surfing medicine and have a chance to connect with experts.

  • Get involved in one of our research projects

Join a research project, or propose your own research topic and publish with us.

  • Present your research

Get the possibility to present the results of your research during our conferences or during one of our online webinars.

  • Connect with fellow SMI students,

Grow your network, connect with other students and with the greater SMI network to work on your future in surfing medicine.



Do you have an idea to organize a great event? A symposium in your university?

A presentation in your local surf club? A research project you want to take on? Connect with other SMI students and start organizing your own events with our help!


SMI for Students is open for all students in relevant science fields to surfer’s health and performance.

In order to join SMI as a student, you have to become an affiliate of SMI.

So what are you waiting for.

Join us, become an affiliate and grow your student team with SMI for students.

Ready to get started?

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