World Drowning Prevention Day 2023

Anyone can drown, no one should

World Drowning Prevention Day 2023

Today we want to raise awareness of drowning prevention. This global problem can only be solved by global action. Today you can help us by raising awareness in your community of this preventable cause of morbidity and mortality.

So how does this relate to the surf community? Surfers are at risk of drowning as a recent study shows drowning is the most common cause of death in surfers and bodyboarders in Australia. At the same time, surfers prevent drowning by acting as lifeguards, watching swimmers, and rescuing those in trouble, even on lifeguarded beaches. The more experienced the surfer, the higher the chance that they reported to have rescued someone from drowning. As surfers are often bystander rescuer at surf locations, every surfer should be prepared.

SMI therefore encourages surfers to do a proper risk assessment before entering the water and to obtain training in lifesaving, including board rescue. We also recommend all surfers to get trained in CPR and give chest compressions as well as ventilations (if able, trained, and willing to do so) for drowning patients in cardiac arrest.

As surfers are a quite big and important group (global surf population is estimated to be 17-35 million participants) we are already part of the solution and can catalyze awareness in our communities globally.

Make a drowning prevention wave in your community by sharing this post! Let’s raise awareness of drowning together, prevent drowning and promote safe rescue in your (surf) communities!


Anyone can drown, no one should.


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