Surf Injury Prevention

Do you want to surf as much as possible in a healthy way? Do you want to prevent injuries?

Join our FREE Surf Injury Prevention programme today!

The medical doctors and physical therapists of Surfing Medicine International have designed an injury prevention training program which will help you to warm up before a surf session and to get stronger, more flexible, breath better and prevent common surfing injuries related to chronic overuse or muscular imbalance.

The injury prevention training consists of 3 levels.  
The first level exercises are focused on warming up and training purposes when training facilities are not available. You can do the quick version of level 1 before your surf session, right at the beach. Or you can use the level 1 exercises for training. The levels 2 and 3 are designed for more intense training of surf specific characteristics: mobility, stabilty, strength, breath control.

While following the injury prevention program, focus on your technique first before you progress to heavier exercises. Make sure you put emphasis on what your body needs (more mobility?/ stability?/ strength?) and feel free to combine exercises of all levels.

Click below to download your program;

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