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In April 2021, World Drowning Prevention Day was declared as part of the UN General Assembly resolution, which highlighted that drowning is preventable with urgent need for coordinated global action.

Over 2.5 million preventable deaths by drowning have occurred the last decade. The burden on global health has been largely unrecognized relative to its major impact.

International Surf Community & Drowning prevention

On the Olympic Debut Tokyo 2020 of Surfing, 25th July 2021, we will celebrate World Drowning Prevention Day.

“Surfers are one with water and the ocean environment” – The global surf community plays a pivotal ambassador role in drowning prevention and water safety. It is well recognized that surfers turn often into bystander rescuers, prevent drowning by retrieval and initiate early resuscitation.

SMI – Drowning prevention

SMI endeavors to continue it’s work around drowning prevention on the following core topics 

1. Continuation of research & education around bystander rescue by Surfers
2. Research of mortality / morbidity of Drowning among Surfers
3. Activation of Surf community to create drowning prevention public awareness

SMI is looking forward to see the impact of this global advocacy event

Surfers worldwide will paddle out with a message coming 25th July

“Anyone can drown – no-one should”

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