Surfing Medicine International envisions every surfer as an ambassador for health and environment.

At heart, Surfing Medicine International is a certified medical association powered by a passionate and truly global network from every aspect of life. We believe in connecting great people. Being part of the scientific communities, we share our knowledge and experiences to inform and educate coastal communities “Keeping the surfer healthy and safe”.


It’s all about Surfing.

The SMI active crew

The SMI´s network research and the collective experience of the biggest scientific community in surfing and the foundation for our consultancy activities in marine and sports health, product development and placement. “Evolving together”

Surfing Medicine International is working on the next step on education & outreach. Encompassing all of the knowledge of one decade of Surfing Medicine International on one platform.

We want want to welcome anyone to become an SMI affiliate to the line-up with an interest to learn and contribute with a global force to prevent injury & disease in water sports.

  • Learn everything around Surfing & Health
  • Grow your surfing, knowledge and health & wellbeing impact of Surf Community
  • Connect to a a new global network of professionals full of opportunities to cooperate on science, education and outreach.


Surf & Ocean –> Surfers | Kite & Wind | Lifeguards & Water Patrol |

Medical -> Doctors | Nurses | Paramedics | Physio/Osteo | Psychologist

Performance -> Coaches | Strength & Conditioning

Academic -> Researcher | Student


Get access to an unique network of surfing professionals active in Medicine, Training, Performance & Environmental Science

Contact if you are interested to know more

Research: Conduct research together on specific topics

Social: meet professionals from all over the world with a shared passion for health and water sports

Standards: Create with the SMI evidence based, state of art standards for surfing medicine

Jobs and exchange: Get an impression of your profession in another country, get a job through the SMI´s like minded colleagues in our network or organize an exchange for fellowship/internship 

Individual Affiliates receive discounts for our events (affiliate fee is discount for one event per year) : ASLS, BSLS, CSLS, WCSM minus 49€

Support our mission of improving health and safety for surfers and water sports globally

Have the opportunity to apply for an official position with  the organization of SMI, make impact in local and global water sport community

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Surfing Medicine International Film 

Get to know us through our short film and get the core essence of SMI.