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Get inspired, connect and fast forward your scientific publications & projects

Discuss research agenda, identify gaps and research priorities with peers in your specific field of expertise.

Present your work in research webinars, or join a focused workgroup, become an affiliate to access.

Find out more about a community of professionals across multiple disciplines representing:

  • Medicine – medical & surgical specialties (paramedic/nursing/doctors)
  • Physiotherapists / Occupational Therapists dedicated to Surf Injuries & therapy
  • Psychologists / Counseling
  • Training & Performance Specialists
  • Environmental scientists focus on ocean & surfer’s health
  • Social Scientists expertise in surf culture / heritage

Meet your peers, present your work

Join in quarterly research meetings, connect with professionals who dedidicated their work to Surfing. Find new inspiration, opportunities to grow your studies and publication.

Discuss research agenda on important topics, to push new publications, guidelines and consensus to improve Surfer’s health & safety.


Research webinar registration is exclusive for affiliates, a platform for presentation abstract/research on in-house studies and projects of collaborating universities and institutions. Find the activity profile of Research Webinar below displayed.


  • Abstract presentation
  • Journal club
  • Research Agenda
  • Development of work groups
  • Mentoring on research

Members of the SMI affiliate programme will have exclusively access to the meetings and recordings.

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Pending dates

Pending future Research Webinar 

Topics to be discussed

Drowning, Shoulder, Head injury 


  • Abstract presentation
  • Research Agenda
  •  Journal club


Get involved with science!

Join as an affiliate to attend research webinars and connect with authors of studies. Get involved as surf school/resort or performance centre to do more research and contribute to Surfer’s Health.

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