About Us

We envision that every surfer is an ambassador for global health and the ocean environment. We believe in connecting great people. As we are at the core of medical scientific communities, we share our knowledge and educate coastal communities in preventing injuries, saving others and living healthy.


Next Event: World Conference 2017

The “World Conference on Surfing Medicine” will take place in Sagres, Portugal from 4th – 8th October 2017. This is a state-of-the-art medical conference delivering premium academic content in an innovative and engaging format. It provides a scientific platform for surfing healthcare professionals, scientists, lifeguards, and other key players across the global surf community. The annual surfing medicine conference has run since 2012 and has seen speakers and participants from all around the globe.



Who are Surfing Medicine International?

Surfing Medicine International (SMI) is the world’s largest and leading collective of Surfers, Lifeguards, Medical & Allied Health professionals of all specialties, Surf Coaches, environmental & other associated scientists, Students, Surf Industry and key surfing stakeholders, who are  actively contributing to welfare of the global surf community, through numerous activities, such as: treatment in day-to-day practice, serving as contest medical personnel in both professional and amateur surfing arenas, delivering training courses (e.g. Advanced Surfing Medicine Life Support™), outreach events to Surf Community – Surfer’s Academy, conducting scientific research work and publication, defining evidence-based standards within the specialty and the sport at large, and convening the Annual Conference in Surfing Medicine.


Our Journey

We want to educate this generation and create a new breed of Surfers, enable Surfers to prevent Injuries, helping and saving others, and inspire Surfers to become ambassadors for Global Health. Our quest is to connect with the local surf community, provide education on major topics as Drowning, Water Safety, Injury Prevention and UV related disease.

Surfing grows increasingly popular with some estimates suggesting up to 37 million people participating worldwide nowadays. Surfers may encounter several different types of health issues whilst riding waves around the globe: trauma, to the head or extremities; drowning; hypothermia; UV damage to the skin and eyes; exposure to tropical infectious disease, as a result of traveling to far-flung destinations; stings and/or bites from animals, Mental health – Substance abuse & Depression. That’s quite a broad spectrum, yet we’ve only listed a few.

By connecting individual Surfers and professionals, we hope to share knowledge, expertise and stoke for global health ambassadorship in the Surf community at large.



Get involved

We’re always looking to improve. If you would like to get involved, and believe your skills can make a positive difference, please get in touch. Send us your suggestions, observations, questions, or support SMI with a donation. We are open to individuals from different backgrounds, from surfer, to scientist, students to medical professional. We invite everyone who can contribute to keeping the surfer healthy and safe to contact us and make a change.



Keeping the surfer healthy and safe!