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About Surfing Medicine International

The SMI organising crew during the WCSM 2018

Surfing Medicine International is at heart a certified medical association powered by a passionate and truly global network of surfers from every aspect of life. We envision every surfer as an ambassador for health and environment. We believe in connecting great people. Being part of the scientific communities, we share our knowledge and experiences to inform and educate coastal communities “Keeping the surfer healthy and safe”.

The SMI´s network research and the collective experience of the biggest scientific community in surfing and the foundation for our consultancy activities in marine and sports health, product development and placement. “Evolving together”


World Conference on Surfing Medicine 2019

Surfing Medicine International brings an unique event , World Conference | EXPO on Surfing Medicine to Torquay the Surfing capital of Australia for a three-day programme of inspiring lectures including workshops, and outdoor activities, featuring leading specialists and inspirational speakers in Surfers’ Health & Injury Prevention, Training & Performance, and the Ocean Environment.

Each daily programme at WCSM 2019 will be dedicated to a theme reflecting the needs of the modern day surfer. SMI will provide a platform for Surfers, Students, Scientists, Water Safety Experts/Lifeguards and Health care professionals


ASLS Course 2019 

The Advanced Surf Life Support™ (ASLS) course is a practical, water-centered 7-day medical training course. 

The ASLS course has been custom-made to prepare and train health professionals in acute surfing medicine, to learn and master basic aquatic life saving rescue techniques, and wilderness medicine at remote surf locations. This intense 1-week-course is probably the most fun and intense way to up your water relevant medical skills and expertise. This unique format will await you with daily hands-on workshops, practically orientated lectures and intense scenarios.

The next ASLS course with available seats will be hosted in Peniche, Portugal from 19th – 26th May 2019. Get one of the limited tickets for the ASLS course 2019 now.



BSLS Courses 2019

The BSLS is for everyone – whether you’re a first aid green-horn, endowed
with practical experience or in continuous first aid training: this 1-day-course will teach you new, surf relevant skills and knowledge in a fun and practical way.

A full day of BSLS training will give you hands-on training, fun educational role-playing and teach you water rescue techniques. Besides you will learn about waves, tides, and rips, outdoor scene safety and patient assessment, marine stings, musculoskeletal injuries, to name but a few aspects.

On 1st November was the the last date for 2018. The new course season will then start in March 2019.

► BSLS @ your homespot: Host a course at your home spot? Email info@surfingmed.com for more information!










Sunny Days


Surfer’s Academy – Community Health Symposium

The Surfer’s Academy marks the beginning of Surfing Medicine International’s outreach activities in the surf & coastal community – translating our mission to educate on health & well being. The academy consist of an educational program in the format of an interactive symposium with mini lectures on the topics:

Drowning & Water Safety, Surfing Injuries & Prevention and UV related skin disease.

The next Academy will be taking place in Muriwai New Zealand, 1st of December 2018. For more information click here.


Global Injury Register

Welcome to the first Global Injury Register for board riding water sports. This anonymous five (5) minute survey.

The purpose of the Global Injury Register is to find out more about the prevalence and patterns of injury in board riding sports. With this knowledge we aim to improve safety measures, help industry evolve safer products, and deliver board riders everywhere reliable, activity-specific, and trusted safety and first aid information. Thanks for your time and contribution!

Fill in your injury now in the Global Injury Register!


High Performance Surf Coach Postgraduate

This course offers globally peerless education for professional surf coaching. The curriculum is based on state of art, evidence based science and practice created for surf coaches, sport science graduates and sports health professionals ready to take their skills and capabilities to another level for more click here.


Who are Surfing Medicine International?

Surfing Medicine International (SMI) is the world’s largest and leading collective of Surfers, Lifeguards, Medical & Allied Health professionals of all specialties, Surf Coaches, environmental & other associated scientists, Students, Surf Industry and key surfing stakeholders, who are  actively contributing to welfare of the global surf community, through numerous activities, such as: treatment in day-to-day practice, serving as contest medical personnel in both professional and amateur surfing arenas, delivering training courses (e.g. Advanced Surfing Medicine Life Support™), outreach events to Surf Community – Surfer’s Academy, conducting scientific research work and publication, defining evidence-based standards within the specialty and the sport at large, and convening the Annual Conference in Surfing Medicine.


Our Journey

paddleoutWe want to educate this generation and create a new breed of Surfers, enable Surfers to prevent Injuries, helping and saving others, and inspire Surfers to become ambassadors for Global Health. Our quest is to connect with the local surf community, provide education on major topics as Drowning, Water Safety, Injury Prevention and UV related disease

Surfing grows increasingly popular with some estimates suggesting up to 37 million people participating worldwide nowadays. Surfers may encounter several different types of health issues whilst riding waves around the globe: trauma, to the head or extremities; drowning; hypothermia; UV damage to the skin and eyes; exposure to tropical infectious disease, as a result of traveling to far-flung destinations; stings and/or bites from animals, Mental health – Substance abuse & Depression. That’s quite a broad spectrum, yet we’ve only listed a few.

By connecting individual Surfers and professionals, we hope to share knowledge, expertise and stoke for global health ambassadorship in the Surf community at large.


Get involved

If you would like to get involved, and believe your skills can make a positive difference, please get in touch. Send us your suggestions, observations, questions, or support SMI with a donation.

We are open to individuals from different backgrounds, from surfer, to student (we have a separate student section! SMI for Students), scientist, to medical professional. We invite everyone who can contribute to keeping the surfer healthy and safe to contact us and make a change. Email to info@surfingmed.com to contact us now!


Become a Donor

  • Every 30 seconds someone drowns in this world
  • Every 20 seconds someone new gets skin cancer in this world
  • Over 20 million paddle surfers out there
  • +60 million watermen riding others boards on water

Drowning, skin cancer prevention and surf injuries are just three of the many topics Surfing Medicine International (SMI) successfully addresses for years. We’re educating medically non-trained surfers, health professionals and key players in the surfing world.

YOU can support the work of SMI by simply giving a donation. Each donation will be used to help us to to keep the surfer healthy and safe!

Donations can be made by organisations, clubs or individuals. In the latter case we invite you to review membership and additionally individual membership for added benefits related to your donation.

Donate via bank wire

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“Evolving Together”


Privacy Policy

We are very delighted that you show interest in our Privacy Policy. Data protection is of a particularly high priority for the management of Stichting ‘Surfing Medicine International’. Find our full Privacy Policy here: www.surfingmed.com/privacy-policy/

Surfing Medicine International is a global network of health professionals, medical doctors, paramedics, physiotherapists, lifeguards, marine biologists, among others. Surfing Medicine International is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation with the aim of keeping the surfer healthy and safe! We offering several events per year, both for the public and for selected health professionals. Three of our main events are the years “World Conference in Surfing Medicine” and the “Advanced Surf Life Support” (ASLS) course for Health Professionals, as-well the “Basic Surf Life Support” (BSLS) course suited for every surfer and water enthusiast. Our course’s graduates include surfing enthusiasts, ship and expedition doctors, physiotherapists of national teams, medical personnel from pro surf events, big wave surfers and other water sport professionals, among others.