Survey on surfing injuries in artificial wave environment

April 2022 – May 2023

Status: Active Project

With surfing gaining popularity, and in the search of the perfect wave, more and more wave parks are emerging. In wave parks, waves are generated in a pool allowing surfers to surf on demand. Surfers spend more time on waves, and less time surfing, posing new risks for possible injuries. A survey will be sent out via our online platforms and shared via social media. The survey assesses baseline characteristics of surfers in wave parks, and obtains info on prevalence and types of injuries. The outcomes will be compared to our recent river surfing survey and previous data on wave surfing injuries. The results will help to characterize the injury types and will help in the implementation of preventative measures.

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Lead investigators
  • Eline Thijssen, MD
  • Benedikt Stadlbauer, MD
  • Jennifer Straatman, MD
  • Ognjen Markovic, MD 
  • Markus Knoriger, MD

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