• Continue your professional learning of staff in Surf Resort around Surfing & Health 
  • Get the opportunity to ask specific questions in network of Surfing professionals
  • Provide a learning experience for your customers around Surfing & Health, we can provide webinars by experts on Expedition Medicine for Surfers, Drowning, Performance & Injury prevention – Contact us for customised education for your Surf Resort 
  • Become part of global network of SMI affiliated Surf Resorts, share experiences with colleagues around the world 
  • Influence policies in your country to prevent injury and disease in water sport.
  • Support our mission of improving health and safety for surfers and water sports globally
  • Opt in to become a research & excellence partner of SMI -| Start your injury registration data with assigned liaison of your resort and be displayed as active contributor to the annual Global Surf injury Report.

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