The SMI Crew – We are proud to have such a dedicated crew of volunteering professionals.

Surfing Medicine International is at heart a certified medical association powered by a passionate and truly global network from every aspect of life. We envision every surfer as an ambassador for health and environment. We believe in connecting great people. Being part of the scientific communities, we share our knowledge and experiences to inform and educate coastal communities “Keeping the surfer healthy and safe”.

We have an amazing crew of people. Click on the images below to learn more about our dedicated team of volunteering professionals.

Executive Team

Ingvar Berg

Chief Executive Officer

Dion van de Schoot, MD

Chief Operational Officer  

Leading WCSM, Surfers Academy and SMI southern hemisphere team

Jennifer Straatman

Chief Financial Officer

Ogi Markovic

Chief Strategy Officer

General Strategy Lead Marketing, Outreach, Sponsorship

Active Crew

Markus Emmerich

SMI Task-force ENT

Andrew Schmidt

Senior ASLS Team Officer

Guilherme Vieira Lima

MOS Team Officer

Lisette Langenberg

SMI Lead Intern Communication

Olivier Chambres

SMI National Lead France

Simon Morris

MOS Team

Jeroen Seesink

SMI Students

Yvonne Konst

Senior WCSM Team Officer

Lan Göttinger

SMI Head of Merchandise

Alex Kelleher

Senior WCSM2019 Team Officer

Hans van den Broek

Senior ASLS/BSLS Team Officer

SMI Lead Lifesaving

Bob Verweij

BSLS Team Officer

Hylmar Elsenga

Senior ASLS/BSLS Team Officer

Eline Thijssen

MOS Team Officer

Lisa Veith

Senior ASLS Team Officer, National Lead Austria

Jiska Kooijman

Senior ASLS Team Officer

Amrita Schäffler

ASLS Team Officer
Frederique Elffers Tan

Frederique Elffers Tan

SMI Task-force ENT

Lena Huebl

ASLS Team Member

Floortje Kemps


Markus Knöringer

SMI Crew Member

Mischa Göttinger

Chief Educational Officer CEdO

Leading ASLS, BSLS, SMI App Dev

Chris Lobo

Chris Lobo

SMI Crew Member
Sebastiaan Heitkamp

Sebastiaan Heitkamp

SMI Active Crew, Physio

Kevin Wong

SMI Crew Member
Benedikt Stadlbauer

Benedikt Stadlbauer

Aidan McParland

Aidan McParland

SMI Active Crew, MD

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