Surfing Medicine International is committed to the scientific, evidence-based development of surfing medicine. Research is a central tenet. We focus on medical and surf-related scientific research in the literature. Click here to read more about recent publications in Surfing Medicine.

Global Injury Register

Welcome to the first Global Injury Register for board riding water sports. This anonymous five (5) minute survey is being conducted by Surfing Medicine International, the world’s leading network for health professionals focused on keeping the surfer healthy and safe.

The purpose of the Global Injury Register is to find out more about the prevalence and patterns of injury in board riding sports. With this knowledge we aim to improve safety measures, help industry evolve safer products, and deliver board riders everywhere reliable, activity-specific, and trusted safety and first aid information.

Thanks for your time and contribution!

Fill in your injury now in the Global Injury Register!

Surfing Medicine Journal

Surfing Medicine – The Journal of the Surfer’s Medical Association, first published in 1988 by the SMA was the first, and remains the only publication dedicated solely to surfer’s health.

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Sea Foam Occurrences

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