World Conference | EXPO on Surfing Medicine | 2019

Surfing Medicine International brings an unique event , World Conference | EXPO on Surfing Medicine to Torquaythe Surfing capital of Australia for a three-day programme of inspiring lectures including workshops, and outdoor activities, featuring leading specialists and inspirational speakers in Surfers’ Health & Injury Prevention, Training & Performance, and the Ocean Environment.

Now entering its’ seventh year, the World Conference | EXPO Surfing Medicine (WCSM) is a state-of-the-art conference delivering premium academic content in an engaging and interactive format, providing a scientific, evidence-based, platform for key stakeholders in modern surfing. To date, over fifty, high-impact factor, peer-reviewed journal published, leading academics have delivered a total of 70 lectures, 25 masterclasses, and 15 outdoor workshops, to in excess of 600 delegates drawn from across the globe.

Each daily programme at WCSM 2019 will be dedicated to a theme reflecting the needs of the modern day surfer. SMI will provide a platform for Surfers, Students, Scientists, Water Safety Experts/Lifeguards and Health care professionals

Day 1 – Health & Prevention

On day 1 we focus on Surfers’ Health and Injury Prevention with special focus on drowning, remote environment first-response, injury prevention, UV-protection, and mental health. Against the backdrop of a changing surfing landscape (i.e. arrival, and assimilation, of artificial wave venues, imminent Olympic sport status, etc.).

Day 2 – Training Performance

Day Two will explore evolving Training and Performance approaches in elite surfing, considering aspects such as positive psychology, emotional regulation and stress management, high performance training – Youth Academy to Elite, and sports nutrition amongst others.

Day 3 – Ocean Environment

Cognisant of arguably the greatest threat to continued human existence of this planet, our final day programme will look in-depth at the Ocean Environment. Scientific consensus acknowledges the detrimental effect of increasing global ambient and water temperatures, the latter especially on marine environments. Furthermore, established human behaviour and consumption patterns in westernized (‘developed’) economies jars with meaningful suggestions towards sustainability. What can the ordinary surfer do? On Day Three, you will hear from people on the frontline in microplastics, effects on human health, ocean cleanup, water quality improvement, and how they are effecting positive change in their communities and beyond.

Interactive learning / EXPO

Next to the lecture programme, the World Conference | EXPO on Surfing Medicine will provide an unique learning environment for the participants to interact with experts, get hands on skills in outdoor and real test setting.

1) Small group Q&A with expert + anatomical models

2) Demonstration + Q&A with expert

3) Master class session small lecture environment

4) Testing & Learning (Training & Performance)

5) Skill Stations : Drowning Resuscitation, Surf First Aid, Lifeguarding / Water Safety

6) Abstract and community project presentations

7) Exhibitor Stands

Scholarship Surfing Medicine

We aim to host an inclusive event by providing scholarships for the World Conference | EXPO on Surfing Medicine. Our team is committed to make the event accessible for participants from resource limited regions, to provide a true global platform and presentation of community.

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