2019 – Abstract

How to submit an abstract for poster presentation

  1. Title: a concise title that captures the essence of the project
  2. Authors and affiliations
  3. Main Abstract

a. The abstract should follow the format of: ’Introduction’, Methods’, Results’, Discussion’ and ‘Conclusion’

  • Introduction: Outlining the question, review the problem, purpose of the study
  • Methods: Research design; setting; patients enrolled and selection procedure/inclusion-/exclusion criteria; specific methods of data collection, description of the intervention, outcome variables and explanation how these variables are measured, explanation of (statistical) analysis, statistical methods
  • Results: Report of the findings of the study based upon the methodology,
  • Discussion: state major findings, explanation of results, references to previous research, study limitations, suggestions further research perspectives,
  • Conclusion

b. The abstract may not exceed 400 words (excluding title, authors and affiliations)


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