Live webinars are a unique way of growing your knowledge and connections with likeminded surfers and professionals. We will start a webinar series coming month, the upcoming events will be free accessible for everyone. Registration will open soon ! 

We would love to hear from you if you have interest in a specific topic! Furthermore we are always looking for unique case reports, to share and learn from together. 


24 November  2021 
21:30 CET / 4:30 UTC-3 / 12:30 UTC-7

Drowning Series: Resuscitation, Prevention and Communication

Host: Ingvar Berg, MD, Emergency Medicine, Den Hague, The Netherlands


18 August 2021 
21:30 CET / 4:30 UTC-3 / 12:30 UTC–7 

Case Based Discussion : Case Series Surfing Injuries

Host: Dion van de Schoot, MD, Emergency Medicine, Waikato New Zealand 

22 September  2021 
21:30 CET / 4:30 UTC-3 / 12:30 UTC-7 

Wound Management Surfing Environment

Host: Jennifer Straatman, MD, General Surgery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

3 October  2021 
21:30 CET / 4:30 UTC-3 / 12:30 UTC-7

Surfer’s Shoulder

Host: Lisette Langenberg, MD, Orthopaedics & Sebastiaan Heitkamp, Physiotherapist, The Netherlands

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