WCSM speaker – Anne Leonard


Dr Anne Leonard is an epidemiologist with an interest in the impacts humans have on their environment and how this can in turn affect infectious diseases.

She is currently working with Dr William Gaze and the Chinese University of Hong Kong on a study to investigate the threat that antibiotic resistant bacteria introduced to the coastal zone by faecal pollution pose to human health.

Dr Leonard completed her PhD in Medical Sciences at the European Centre in 2016. During this time she conducted a systematic review on the risks of acquiring infections from sea bathing, and carried out epidemiological surveys investigating the link between recreational use of coastal waters and indicators of infection. She holds an MSc from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Exeter.

Dr Leonard is a member of the International Society of Environmental Epidemiologists, as well as a member of the Microbiology Society.

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