Prof Dr. Miguel Moreira (Lisbon, Portugal)

Prof. dr. Miguel Moreira, PhD, (Portugal, 1970) studied Physical Education & Sport in Lisbon, Portugal. He worked as a gymnastics coach (trampoline) in Ginásio Clube Português and afterwards he started a pioneer project (Surftec, 2000) with the aim on surf research & technical development, teaching & coaching, and competition support. As a coach and project manager he had some good sport results (2 European championships with the National team, 3 National cup winners, 1 European Clubs Cup, 3 National champions surf youth, 1 vice-champion U14, and 2 third places U18 Boys and Girls in Euro Juniors 2008 Morocco). At this moment he is the coordinator of the post-graduation surf course at the faculty of Human Kinetics University of Lisbon (PT). In October 2007 he was appointed as the Professor in Sport Coaching (surf) at the department of Sport & Health. The faculty has a bilateral agreement with both the Portuguese Surf Federation (FPS) and with Hydrographic Institute (IH, an agency of the Portuguese Navy). His major focuses of attention are sport performance and sport expertise including qualitative task analysis.

The scientific interest in surfing started when he worked as a coach in the Surftec project. During his career as a Professor he published a book (“Surf: from science to practice”) and several articles on surf characterization, training methods, and didactics. In 2007 he completed the PhD thesis “Matrix of Analysis for Sports Tasks. Structural classification system. Taxonomic Surf model”. He is a regular national and international invited speaker and teacher on these subjects, from a practical coaching level to the theoretical level. He is affiliated to the European College of Sport Sciences.

Dr. Miguel Moreira is also involved in research, education and strategy planning in several other fields such as gymnastics, diving and football refereeing. He has published several articles and presented scientific papers on these topics.

The curriculum of the post graduation is structured and based on pedagogical standards for sport science graduates and sports health professionals evolving their skills through an evidenced-based approach and state of the art surf coaching,” underline the Portuguese institution.

Miguel is a core crew member of Surfing Medicine International, responsible for the first post-graduation in high-performance surf coaching in the world by University of Lisbon in partnership with Surfing Medicine International.The program was designed to provide advanced professional competencies for professional surf coaching. It will include eight modules: Sport Foundations, Sport Performance, Practice in Surf Performance, Surf Industry, Surf Periodizations, Long Term Surfers Development, Surfing Medicine, and Internship.

Nearly 30 lecturers participate in the postgraduate study and is aimed at 30 coaches, sport science graduates and sports health professionals.


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