WCSM 2018 – Where to surf?

The World Conference on Surfing Medicine is not only about sharing the latest knowledge, but also about meeting like-minded people. There is no better way to hang out than catching a few waves together.

Here is an overview of spots in the area.

  1. Fistral beach: The surfspot near the conference area. Known for his consistent quality of waves.
  2. Porthleven: A reefbreak with a shallow and heavy wave, so you have to be quick to your feet. The main wave is a righthander, but with lower tide there is a fast hollow left hander as well. Maybe not for beginners, because of the reef and the shallow waves.
  3. Polzeath: Mellow waves, perfect for beginners. A lot of pubs, cafes and surfshops are harvested around the beach.
  4. Godrevy: Known for his shifting peaks, so a wave for everybody! The waves can grow quite big a low tide, but in general they’re not to heavy. Keep in mind that there could be some strong currents at Godrevy.
  5. Praa Sands: A fast hollow and heavy wave, the best conditions are with hight tide and south coast swell and northerly wind. Try to catch the barrel!
  6. Portreath: Portreath has a beach break in the middle of the bay; a good spot for beginners. The harbour walls also create a fast and hollow reefbreak with mostly righthanders, but some left hand barrels as well. Keep in mind that it is supposed to be a quite heavy and dangerous break
  7. Pothtowan: Populair beach with consistent and heavy waves. Good conditions with easterly wind.
  8. Sennen: The spot has a long beach in a crescent shape, so it works with all winds from East North East to South West. Sennen has a variety of banks, so it works at all tides. Most often the wave is not that big and slopey.
  9. Constatine: Three spots in one. At the southern end there is a reef break that produces a long left wave thoughout the tide. In the middle there is a peak with high tide with fast left and right handers. At the nothern end you’ll find left and righthanders from mild to high tide.
  10. Porthcurno: Only works with low tide and winds with a northern direction. But when it works, the conditions are good with barrels all the way.

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