WCSM 2018 speakers


Mike Tipton

Professor Mike Tipton knows everything there is to know about the physiological and psychological responses to adverse environments.



(alphabetical order by last name) Click on a speaker name to find out more!

  • Matt Barlow: Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology, with a special interest in marine sports
  • Tijs van Bezeij: water as therapy
  • Delphine Besson: life experience on surfing with a neuromuscular disease.
  • Emily Currie: Stoked surfer who will represent GB during the olympics
  • Hylmar Elsenga: Emergency Physician, lifeguard, driving force behind our Basic Surf Life Support course (BSLS)
  • Markus Emerich: Traveler, surfer and a loves his work as Ear-Nose-Throat Surgery Resident and scientist
  • Terry Farrel: Medical Director of the WSL big wave tour
  • Roberto Gomez Tarle: Dermatologist and surfer, will update us on UV-related skin diseases
  • Mischa Goettinger: Driving force behind the Surf Life Support Courses, SMI app developer, sports physician
  • Loes Hanck: Addiction Medicine Specialist, will update us on substance abuse in athletes
  • Nick Houndsfield: Expert on surfing in artificial environments
  • Vibeke Hjortdal: Professor in Cardiothoracic Surgery (MD, PhD, DMSc)
  • Takeshi Kojima: Orthopedic surgeon with a special interest in surfing injuries
  • Leon Meijer: Physiotherapist with a special interest in kitesurfing injuries
  • Paddy Morgan: Trauma team leader and anaesthetist with a special interest in drowning
  • Anton Page: Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), will update us on bystander rescue
  • RNLI lifeguards: Get active and learn from the RNLI lifeguards in our beach workshop

Keep this page on refresh, as more and more speakers will be added to the list!

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