WCSM 2018 speaker – Tijs van Bezeij

My name is Tijs van Bezeij, born in 1971 in Holland. I studied medicine at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After this study I started to work as a resident emergency care in the North of Holland, Den Helder, a place near the coast and started windsurfing.

Although I liked the emergency care very much I wanted to follow my patients more and started to work in a clinic for rehabilitation en became a specialist in rehabilitation medicine. Because of the persistent attraction of the acute and intensive care medicine I worked for a year at, the Swiss paraplegic center with acute care, intensive care and rehabilitation in one center.

I did a Fellow Intensive Care and started 3 years ago a post intensive care rehabilitation unit (Optimum Care) in a rehabilitation clinic (RC Heliomare) Wijk aan Zee, Holland. The center is about 100m from the sea.

In the rehabilitation setting you get the best results if you can challenge your patients. That’s why I started with stand-up paddle board therapy. II’ll tell you more about this therapy during my talk. I think the results are amazing.

Although I do some surfing an stand-up paddling, windsurfing is my favourite aquatics. Despite a lot of current, messy waves and bump and jump circumstances Hargen aan Zee, my home spot is one of my favourites.

The vibe among the surfers, kiters en windsurfers is very good. Ijmuiden and Wijk aan Zee are very good spots for the after work sessions.

I’m looking forward to see you at the World Conference on Surfing Medicine 2018.

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