WCSM 2018 speaker – Nick Hounsfield

Nick Hounsfield
Nick is the founder of the organisation The Wave. They are involved in the development of inland surfing lakes, allowing people of all ages, background and abilities to surf in otherwise landlocked locations.
They have a special interest in sustainable businesses, believing in a social and environmental responsibility of their business. They want to inspire people into a healthy, more active lifestyle while providing a sustainable business with wide economic benefits for the local region.
Other than wave sports Nick has a focused on a variety of ways to help the local community, ranging from teaching people how to grow and prepare their own healthy food, providing access to leisure facilities for the terminally ill/people with disabilities, and helping to create a rehabilitative environment for ex-servicemen and women with physical and mental health needs.
We are pleased to announce Nick will be talking us through his work at our upcoming conference in Newquay, helping us to understand how we as individuals can help people change their perceptions of healthy active living through surfing, and how we too can become ambassadors for improving public health within our local community.
More information see thewave.com.
Buy tickets for the conference at www.surfingmed.com

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