WCSM 2018 speaker – Leon Meijer

Leon Meijer

I am a Sports Physical Therapist working mainly with sports orthopaedic patients. Due to my love and interest of kitesurfing I deal with a wide range of kite-surf patients with multiple issues such as overuse and acute injuries. The majority of my clients have had traumas such as shoulder dislocations and cross ligament injuries, these being pre or post surgery.

My background involves training in sports education and later I became a Dutch Marine. After this active duty I became a Physiotherapist.

Currently I am a Sports Physiotherapist running in parallel with high performance training.

My favorite surfspot has to be Tarifa due to the very strong and powerful winds. You are able to fly as high and as far as possible! I look forward to seeing you in Cornwall!

In Cornwall Leon Meijer will present a few case reports about the recovery following knee and shoulder surgery.

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