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Publication: Surfing and Health in the Covid-19 Era: A Narrative Review


Publication: Characteristics of surfers as bystander rescuers in Europe

Surfers turn into rescuers quite often and can prevent drowning by a rescue or if needed start resuscitation early. More focus on training of this specific group is needed to guarantee their safety and maximize their rescue and resuscitation availability and skills.

To inform all surfers, we chose to make it open acces to be able to inform the surf and water safety community globally and hereby maximise our impact.

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Publication: The Surfer’s Shoulder: A Systematic Review of Current Literature and Potential Pathophysiological Explanations of Chronic Shoulder Complaints in Wave Surfers

There is a high incidence of chronic surf-induced shoulder complaints in surfers. Symptoms may arise due to imbalanced training or scapular dyskinesis, which may subsequently trigger subacromial pain. Physiotherapeutic prevention should include stretching of the internal rotators, external rotator training and optimisation of thoracic extension and scapulothoracic movement.

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Call for action on research on how plastics effects the human body. 

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Surfing Medicine International partnered with the Plastic Soup Foundation, and WEMOS to campaign for more research on how plastic effects the human body.

We want money to be made available as quickly as possible for major research that will look at questions such as:

•  How much plastic is there in our blood and tissues?

•  Are small plastic particles accumulating in our liver and/or brains?

•  How do these small plastic particles enter our bodies?

•  What is the most important route? Is it by breathing plastic particles, touching toys,

through plastic packaging, from wearing synthetic clothing, using cosmetics or through the food chain?



Publication: A call for the proper action on drowning resuscitation

“A call for the proper action on drowning resuscitation” was published in the August 2016 version of Resuscitation! This is a very important call for all providers, and a chance to update your knowledge on drowning resuscitation.

Resuscitation letter to the editor o

Read the full letter to the editor here:

This team effort was jointly produced by Surfing Medicine InternationalSobrasa Lifeguards Without Borders SURFlifeSAVING GB

Resuscitation is the official journal of the ERC – European Resuscitation Council


How to start with pre-hospital research 

Here is a booklet by the Falck Foundation, which contains very useful tips and tricks on pre-hospital research.

Booklet Pre-hospital Research an Introduction, Joost Bierens


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