It’s all about surfer’s health

We envision you and every surfer as an ambassador for health, water safety and ocean environment.


Learn for free. Online. Or offline. Free knowledge adopted to your special needs as a surfer, venue or health professional. Apps, Videos, Webinars, …


Grow at one of our live events. Add to your knowledge and get trained in water and medical skills. Certified events for surfers, venues and health professionals. 


Connect with likeminded surfers, support our work as an affiliate, become part of a professional network, or get involved as part of the SMI active crew.

Our Top Priorities

Free Education

Educational programs for every surfer, surf schools, businesses and health professionals. 

first aid courses

Fun and challenging courses for the average surfer, surf instructors and full week programmes for health professionals. 


Get surf fit and reduce the chance of surf injuries with this free video programme developed with top surf physios


Help us to give back to Mother Nature and learn more about our projects and what you can do to keep the planet healthy. 

Science & Research

Our global network is actively researching surf relevant topics, developing guidelines and eager to help you present your research. 

Watch a documentary about our work.

Active Countries

Surfers Educated

Something for Everyone.

For surfers

Easily learn how you can keep yourself and your mates safe in the surf, what to do when things go wrong, or profit from our free Surf Injury Prevention videos to maximise your surf.

for Health Professionals

Ever wanted to combine your passion for medicine and the ocean? Learn how to create an unknown synergy to improve your professionalism both in the ocean and at work.

For surf Schools

Take advantage of easy and affordable online courses, or get your staff trained by our professional Surf First Aid instructors and ultimately become an SMI certified Surf School.

for all ocean lovers

Whether you are a lifeguard, marine biologist, wind driven board addict, own a business, or just love the salty wets — our network can help everyone to learn, grow & connect.    

Be The Change

You Have the Power to Make the Surf Safer. 

Here are some examples how you can help:

  • Fitness & Injury Prevention — Download the free Surf Injury Prevention programme, created by surfing physios to maximise your fitness and time riding on your board. 
  • Emergencies — Sometimes you just need be prepared. Learn how to deal with challenging orunforeseen situations, injuries and critical moments in the surf or at the beaches with  our educational platform. With units ranging from “medical green horn” to “Experienced Team Doctor”. 
  • Get Certified — You might want to go full hands-on and experience Surf First Aid, rescue techniques and more in the water and at the beach? We got you covered in one of our many live training formats ranging from our 1-day basic courses for the everyday surfer to full blown intense week-programmes for health care workers. 
  • Become Active — Want to shape the future more actively? Become an affiliate or partner of Surfing Medicine International. Or become part of our unique global family of volunteers.
  • Environment — Learn what you can do to help preserving the oceans, which are your playground and marina life’s habitat alike. We partnered not only with the Plastic Soup Foundation to help keeping our beloved oceans blue.  


upcoming Events


Get Active 

Be Part of a Global Movement

Surfing Medicine is made possible by you & every single supporter. Whether you are just spreading the word, sharing knowledge, or visiting our events.

You want to do more? You can help by partnering with us, signing up as an affiliate, help us hosting events near you, getting an instructor or as part of our core croup of super positive active volunteers.

You don’t have the time, but love our goals & work? Every cent of a your donation will help us along the way in giving back to the surfing community.  

Get Involved

Our Friends & Partners


  • Plastic Soup Foundation
  • Surfrider Foundation Australia
  • Surfrider Foundation Porto chapter
  • Surfers Against Sewage

Surfing Federations

  • Surfing Victoria
  • Surfing England
  • Federação Portuguesa de Surf
  • Deutscher Wellenreit Verband


  • Life Saving Victoria
  • Lifeguarding.NL
  • Lifeguards without Borders
  • Surf Life Saving GB
  • Irish Tow Surf Rescue Club


  • University Lisbon, UMF
  • Otago University Wellington
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Medical Society Austria
  • Austrian Sport Medical Association

Photo & Media

  • TBWA \ WorldHealth London
  • Jonas “Draws” Claesson
  • Video Nomads
  • Carve Magazin
  • Surf Girl Magazine
  • Staccato Films

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