Dear Surfing Doctors,

You are invited to make a contribution to the second conference on Surfing Medicine by submitting your scientific work. Send us your poster of your research project, case report/series or public health initiative. The best poster submission will win a prize that reaches a significant level of Stoke! Please request the poster guidelines at The extended submission date is 1st September 2013.

One of our very special speakers at the coming conference is Andrew Nathanson, co-author of “Surf Survival“. As the editor of “Surfing Medicine” he invites you to share your research projects with him. Please see below for his “call for submissions”:

Nathanson Scan 1Surfing Medicine:Nathanson Scan

A Pier-Reviewed Journal

A Call for Submissions

Here is your chance to add a significant publication to your resume: consider submitting surfing-related original research, case report, photos, stories, conference updates, or conference reports or letters to the editor to “Surfing Medicine” – the journal of the Surfer’s Medical Association.

Founded in 1987 by Dr. Mark Renneker and other pioneers in the field of Surf-Medicine, the Journal is being tweaked and modernized for the digital age. Like the modern quad fish we hope to retain the charm and character of the original paper version of the Journal, while improving performance and down-the-line speed.

Nathanson Scan 2Nathanson Scan 3So, impress your friends and family, wow your boss, and leave your legacy in the annals of surf medicine by submitting a worthy article for publication. If the article passes a rigorous “pier review” – (deemed interesting by surfers hanging around the pier) it will be considered for publication. Here’s how:

* Send your article as an e-mail attachment to the editor at

* If possible, include any photographs pertinent to the written text

* Categories include original research, case reports, review articles, travel stories, conference updates, conference reports, original artwork, interviews, book reviews, and synopses of relevant research appearing in other publications

* Deadline for Issue #26 is September 30, 2013


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