Both the attendees as well as the organizing party of the first annual EASD conference in Surfing Medicine last year in Sagres agree on the success of this event. A unique vibe at a beautiful location with in-depth discussions on flip-flops and in board shorts. 92 visitors from 17 different countries and over 20 different specialties were present, and contributed to the atmosphere that made everyone smile throughout the weekend.DSC_6500

But, what if we think outside the box? What, besides oral presentations given by enthusiastic presenters and new friends being made, actually happened from another point of view? We’re talking about Interprofessional Education (IPE): the EASD endeavours to lay the foundation for an interprofessional teamwork-based organisation drawing on the collaborative skills of cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, communication, autonomy, and coordination, in addition to championing specialist skill and knowledge through the design, delivery, and subsequent feedback/critical evaluation of our events (e.g. conferences, ASLS practical course).

Invited by the EASD Board, Alex Kelleher (EASD member, Ireland) put on his scientific pair of glasses and analyzed data that could be retrieved from the founding conference. This resulted in a poster presentation on the 6th and 7th of June 2013 during the Dutch Conference in Emergency Medicine in Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands.

Ingvar Berg, president of the EASD and Emergency Medicine resident, represented the EASD at this conference and he presented the poster entitled:  “Demographics and educational value of founding European conference in surfing medicine. A nexus for the development of an international network of Health Professionals. A.Kelleher, O.Markovic, D. van de Schoot, A. Schigt, I.T.B.Berg.

Please have a read and look back at the conference with another scope. It’s the evaluation of our Founding Conference and we’ll be looking forward to evaluate our Kick Off Conference…

See you in Sagres!

Poster presentation

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