We are proud to show you the latest video portraying some aspects of “Surfing Medicine”.

Our gratitude to all supporters, contributors, partners, surf med pioneers worldwide, our crew, mother nature, the ocean and the whole surfing community. Keep the surfer healthy and safe!

“As the world’s largest and leading collective of medical professionals in surfing the European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD) is actively contributing to and defining standards for surfer welfare. By connecting health professionals representing all medical specialties with a passion for surfing and the ocean, the EASD seeks to share knowledge, expertise, and experience with the global surf community. In a fast developing global surf community, the EASD’s quest is to “Keep the surfer healthy and safe” through numerous activities, such as: treatment in day-to-day practice, serving as contest medical personnel in both professional and amateur surfing arenas, delivering training courses for medical lays and health professionals alike (Surf Life Support™), conducting scientific research work and publication, defining evidence-based standards within the specialty and the sport at large, and convening the Annual Conference in Surfing Medicine where health professional from all over the world convene. Share the passion? See you on one of the various EASD events and in the water!”

► More on Surfing Medicine: surfingdoctorseurope.com
► Video & Edit: The Video Nomads – thevideonomads.com
► Music: ‘XXV’ & ‘Summer Spliffs’ by Broke For Free ► Get the Album: brokeforfree.com

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