ASLS_coursebookIn preparation for the upcoming ASLS course 2014 our team poured over countless literature to bring you the perfect course textbook. And we found it: the latest edition of Wilderness Medicine“ by Paul Auerbach. This book, often referred to as the ‘The Bible of Wilderness Medicine‘, extensively covers the ASLS medical topics, and more.

This year’s participants will get the opportunity to prepare using this masterpiece. They can choose to study from a digital or hardcopy version. Both are included in the course fee!*

We are almost out of places for this years ASLS Course! Do you want to survive as a doctor on a remote location, be able to perform lifesaving individually and as a team, participate in lectures from worlds leading experts on wilderness and marine medicine? Then apply now and be part of this unique course in Advanced Surfing Medicine Life Support! If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for?
Only 4 course places left – get yours now!

Stay tuned for more ASLS course 2014 fantastic firsts to be revealed over the coming weeks.

See you in Ericeira, May 4-10th.

The ASLS Team


Dive into the unforgettable magic of the last ASLS course with this beautifully arranged Course Video!

Advanced Surfing Medicine Life Support Course from The EASD on Vimeo.


* Access codes for the digital versions will be sent to the participants in the coming weeks after the payment for the course fee has been received. If a hard copy is desired it will be delivered for free on the first day of the course. If you prefer to prepare yourself rather with the hardcopy than the digital version we will mail it to you for the net cost price of the mailing expenses.

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