Surfinoma: a case report on a pseudotumor developing after a surfing sports injury

A pseudotumor arised 4 years after thoracic skin penetration with the fibreglass of a surfboard. Here you see the rontgen image of a “surfinoma”: a pseudotumor that developed around the fibreglass left in the surfers subcutaneous tissue. During surgery, a tumor of 25×20×7 mm was removed. Pathologic examination showed a benign inflammatory tumor mass. When colliding with your surf board, make sure that every possible piece of fibreglass gets out before you are one of the rare patients with a surfinoma.

Tim Squire, Matthew Sherlock, Peter Wilson, Beng Tan, Nigel Hope, Suzanne E. Anderson.Surfinoma: a case report on a pseudotumor developing after a surfing sports injury. Skeletal Radiol (2010) 39:1239–1243

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