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Mark Richards ... Tall
MR standing tall at Off the Wall 1976

Although the evidence is limited, Mendez-Villanueva and Bishop (1) find, in their comprehensive review of the literature, that competitive surfers seem to be shorter and lighter than their average age-matched sporting counterparts.
They report that the average height of the 2003 WCT Top 44 ASP ranked male competitors on the world professional surfing tour was 174.7 ± 6.1cm. This is consistent with a previous study reporting an average height of 173.6 ± 5.9cm for 76 international male surfers (2).

Interestingly, these values are less than heights described for elite swimmers (183.8 ± 7.1cm; n = 231) and water-polo players (186.5 ± 6.5cm; n = 190) (3).

Tom Carroll’s famously diminutive stature employed to full advantage during ‘that’ snap under the lip at Pipeline 1991 Photo Credit: Tom Servais

Females display similar trends with the average height of the 2003 WCT Top 17 ASP ranked women surfers at 162.0 ± 4.9cm (152–172cm) (1).

As with males, competitive female surfers are on average shorter than elite swimmers (171.5 ± 7.0cm; n = 170) or water-polo players (171.3 ± 5.9cm; n = 109) (3).
Anecdotally, the stature of top professional surfers appears to be on the increase (4), yet this remains to be scientifically verified. Further research is required to explore whether there is an optimal physiological phenotype for the competitive surfer.

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Note 1: Mark Richards photograph credit;

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