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The Surfer’s Academy! – Trailer series from The EASD on Vimeo.

The Surfer’s Academy! – Trailer series from The EASD on Vimeo.

SURFER’S ACADEMY, Saturday 13th September 2014

The Glasshouse, Sligo, North-West Coast Ireland

Wow … So what’s this all about?

The Surfer’s Academy marks the beginning of the EASD’s Outreach Program – translating our vision of “Keeping the Surfer Healthy and Safe”.

It is a full-day Health and Well-being Symposium for Surfers about the issues that affect them in and out of the water.

John "Doc" Ball

John “Doc” Ball

Surfing and doctors … what’s with that?

We’ve always been there in the line-up. So we figure it’s time to drop-in and give something back. The Surfer’s Academy, the first event of its kind anywhere, will see you surfing safe and staying healthy into your twilight years. Surfing and Medicine have always been close; from John “Doc” Ball – pioneering surf photographer and Coast Guard Dentist – to the free-spirited, Dr. Dorian Paskowitz, still stoked at 93! And let’s not forget big wave forerunner Dr. Mark Renneker who has been silently charging the Californian coast and beyond for years.

OK, Cool … So who will be there?

Join leading Experts in: Eye, Ear, Mind, Nutrition, Shoulder/Major-Joints, Lifeguarding, Big Wave Rescue – you name it, we’ve got them lined-up – let them take you through what you need to know, how to stay healthy, and improve your surfing experience!

EASD Ambassador, Peter Conroy

Irish Big Wave Legend, Peter Conroy will share his experience of Big Wave Surfing and Rescue. Miguel Moreira, Professor in Human Kinetics/Surf Science and Technical Adviser to the Portuguese Surfing Association will speak on Training and Performance in Surfing. Psychiatrist, Greg Dillon, from New York City, will take you through the psychology of dropping-in and how this relates to the challenges in life and how we overcome them.

Arguably Ireland’s most talented surfer in a generation, Fergal Smith will retrace his personal journey from pioneering Irish slabs, to ‘wild card’ billings at spots like Teahupoo and Cloudbreaks, to finding his balance closer to the natural world back home in Co.Clare. Tony Bates, Clinical Psychologist and Founder of Headstrong will discuss resilience, living mindfully, mental health and well-being. Australian Strandhill-local surfing Physiotherapist, Derek Parle will talk about shoulder injury, rehabilitation, and the principles of prevention. Too much to mention … so check out the programme for further details.

What else will be happening?

We’re stoked to team up with a range of pro-active national and local organisations to bring you an outstanding event!

Clean Coasts Ireland will speak about community-based Coastal Guardianship; involvement in the ‘Beat the Microbead’ initiative, and bathing water quality. There will also be a Surfer’s Academy Beach Clean organised by Clean Coasts Ireland and supported by the European Association of Surfing Doctors and Surfrider Foundation Europe the next day (Sunday, 14th September 2014), followed by a visit to Strandhill People’s Market to enjoy the best in local artisan food and crafts. Come along … get involved … protect what you love!

Shore Shots Irish Surf Film Festival will bring you the best short movies in Irish surfing from the likes of ace-surf filmmakers such as James Skerritt, Kevin Smith, Peter Clyne, and Dylan Stott.

Barry's Poster for the Vans Hawaiian Pro 2004

Barry’s Poster for the Vans Hawaiian Pro 2004

As well as spot-prizes, world-class photography (including prints by hotly-tipped Irish surf photographer, Christian Mcleod, recently listed by ‘Inertia’ as one of ten ‘Up-&-Coming Photographers’ to watch in surfing!) and David Olsthoorn, a retrospective of the Surf Art of Barry Britton: 40 Years of Irish Surfing History, a “Shapers Forum” showcasing the best of Irish Surfboard Shaping and Design by the likes of DH Surfboards, AOR Surfboards and others, the list is endless …

Of course, apart from an amazing symposium, the West Coast breaks need no introduction. Just another great reason to organise your surf trip!

And the best thing is … those under 16 years of age go free (See Note 1).


ALL attendees MUST REGISTER ONLINE to attend this event.

Ticket price for the Surfer’s Academy is 25 Euro.


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Note 1: For insurance reasons under 16 year-old attendees must be accompanied by an adult.

Note 2: John “Doc” Ball photograph credit; Encyclopedia of Surfing by Matt Warshaw.

*At the Surfer’s Academy on the 13th September all medical conference attendees are welcome to join, but as our aim for this day is to translate our vision of “Keeping the Surfer Healthy and Safe” into a reality, surfers (i.e. non-medically trained, non-conference attendees) that register will be given priority seating in the conference room. We will arrange TV screens with live broadcast (in the same building) and seating outside of the conference room should the capacity of the venue be exceeded. 

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