Nationalities to be represented at Conference 2014 based on applications to date.

Nationality (Click to Enlarge)

Let’s take a look at the demographics of Conference 2014.

Based on applications so far, it’s a veritable United Nations (UN) of Surfing Health Professionals!

Specialties to be represented at Conference 2014 based on applications to date.

Specialty (Click to Enlarge)

As always, a broad spectrum of specialties is represented, with strong showings by General Practitioners / Family Medicine Specialists, Physiotherapists, and Emergency Medicine Doctors.

But there’ll also be attendees flying the flag for Respiratory Medicine, Pathology, Sports Medicine, Psychiatry, Anaesthetics, Osteopathy, Addiction Medicine, and lots more specialties. Here’s the break down right now.

Surf Buddies

Surf Buddies

Like previous years, it’s great to see a healthy student population; the Annual Conference always proving useful for professional networking, seeking specialist opinion and advice from senior colleagues, research exposure, and don’t forget … striking up new friendships and sharing surf exploration stories!

At present, the ladies are just piping the gentlemen in terms of representation.

Gender Mix Thus far!

Gender mix

The full range of surfing expertise is also demonstrated in current confirmed delegates: Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced. Fortunately, the North-West has surfing spots to cater for everybody within a short distance of the Conference HQ, The Glasshouse, everything from rambling beach break to rock-bottom barreling reef.

Surfing Ability ... the NW-coast as waves to suit everyone!

Self-rated surfing ability




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