From 2-5 October, over 20 countries, and even more specialties gathered on the cape of Europe; a magic place called Sagres.. The second annual conference of the EASD was a big success! Speakers from 4 different continents presented diverse health conditions linked to surfing, to a diverse medical public. After the registration, and a opening dinner in the Tasca restaurant with live music by Ylva & Flavio, the sun went down in Sagres, to rise the next day; the first day of the conference..

The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine2-5 October 2013, Sagr

On conference day 1, six hours of thrilling lectures kept the surfing participants in the room while the Algarve swell was pumping. Andrew Schmidt from lifeguardswithoutborders kicked off with “drowning”, Dr.Stolberg started a discussion on doping control challenges on the pro-tour, and Dr.Dillon got everyones attention with surfing as a therapy. Major trauma in the pre-hospital environment led to interesting discussions on how to act in remote settings, and the orthopedic duo from Barcelona, Dr.Belloti and Dr.Erquicia, finally arrived after a major airline delay-day, to directly present their views on orthopedic knee and shoulder injuries in surfers. Dr. Andrew Nathanson and Dr. Clayton Everline presented on wound management in surfers, and how it is to run the pipeline masters event as a medical doctor.

The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine2-5 October 2013, SagrDay 2 was hands on!! Participants got wet with Hans van den Broek, ILS certified beach lifeguard instructor, teaching some basic aquatic life saving skills, others landed in the pre-hospital workshop run by HEMS doctors, or learned from experienced surfing physiotherapists in the surfysio workshop. We ended the day with a fundraising for the development of scientific projects within surfing medicine, together with the poster prize.. Gunn-Elisabeth Ulkestad received the well deserved surfboard for the best poster! Congratulations once more Gunn!!

Our Advanced Surfing Medicine Life Support (ASLS) Course was presented, which will take place may 5-10th 2014 in Ericeira. Registration will be opening soon so stay tuned because after last years succes, we expect to be filling up quite fast….! If you can’t wait, or have any questions email to

To further develop Surfing Medicine, we opened up application for our scientific committees, where several people applied immediately, to enable members to contribute in informing the surfer, and keeping our surf-related medical knowledge up to date. If you are interested in contributing email to:

Day 3 started with a paddle out at 7.15h a.m. …… One picture… we are proud to show you this one, as a symbol for a gathering of surfing doctors, who can change, and improve health care in and around the surfing sport. After the paddle out, it was lecture day again, with lectures as hypothermia (Dr.Oksvold), dermatology (Dr.Geimer and Dr. ten Berge), and surfing in competition Prof.Miguel Moreira. Dr. Wendy Henderson spoke about the impact of pollution on surfer’s health at this year’s conference. The aging surfer was covered by SMA legend and 2nd time guest speaker (100% score!) Bill Jones. The end of the day was closed by… of course another surf session in the late afternoon, where after closing conference party sounds kept resonating until late in the night.

The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine2-5 October 2013, SagrWe want to once more thank all the people that contributed to this event, and made it the event it was. We were extremely proud to welcome you all, attendees, speakers, EASD Crew, Conference Team, the Surfers’ Medical Association, Waves of Health & Surfing Doctors members, our sponsors, the Memmo Baleeira, our event photographer Bas Bartholomeus, and everyone else that contributed, thank you for coming and contributing!!

Now, here is what you have been waiting for…. the visual impressions of our event…. here are the photos!!!!!

PHOTO SELECTION 2nd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine, 2-5 October, 2013 – Sagres, Portugal

EASD Conference 2013

Photographer – Bas Bartholomeus

See you in 2014!*

*Location and date will be revealed soon…!

 The European Association of Surfing Doctors



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