Tell me, how do you make a superman? Well, I guess the parents of Kelly might have the answer. Crowned champion of the world for the 11th time in his career, Kelly Slater definitely seperates the good from the great. Where golf had Tiger Woods, tennis had Federer, Nadal and now Djokovic, swimming Ian Thorpe. They sweated for hours, days, months, years to reach their goals. And they got there. But hello there, eleven times?! What kind of motivation does it take, to win the world title 11 times in your career? Federer started to lose it after his sixth Wimbledon title, Thorpedo lacked motivation after two Olympic games. But maybe surfing is less prone to motivational troubles then other sports. It’s more than just a sport. It might have something to do with the purity of nature, something magic; moving water, waves, barrels, tuberides, the addictive adrenaline of 2,5 meter of foam crushing into the reef behind you. The warm sun on your (shaved) head, and the sand grains that settle in your ear after the heats. And then maybe the public is different. Where tennis has its well educated Lacoste polo public, and golf the VIP business men in dockers pants, surfing has its voluntary sun tanned surf babes dressed in bikini’s. Surfing is something else. And within surfing, Kelly is. A superman on a surfboard. He showed us that anything is possible if you keep believing, and loving what you do. Time, after time, after time..

Congratulations to the parents of Kelly Slater. You made a superman.

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