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The European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD) is delighted to introduce our Keynote Speakers for Conference 2015.

docteur-guillaume-barucqDr. Guillaume Barucq (Basque coast, SW France)

Guillaume Barucq is a 37-year-old surfer and general practitioner from the Basque coast in France. He works in Biarritz, close to some of the best surfing spots that the Basque coast has to offer. In 2008 he launched, a website originally intended to educate doctors of the risks of surfing, common injuries and how to minimize the risks associated with the sport. Now almost eight (8) years down the line, he is still the editor of Surf-Prevention and is also an occasional blogger for, with a main focus on promoting surfers’ health, the benefits of surfing and environmental protection. He is a firm believer in the role of seawater, sea air and the marine climate in helping to strengthen our health and prevent illness, and is also a defender of the marine environment because our health is intimately related to the health of the ocean.

He is the author of “Surfers’ Survival Guide” and “Surf Therapy”, two very well sold, French-language health books for surfers. He is also involved in surfing medicine research, and in 2007 he published a study on surfing-related traumatology based on 350 patients admitted to the hospital after surfing accidents in the South West of France. Dr. Barucq studies the benefits of surfing for health and the different medical applications of “Surf Therapy” for people with disabilities, autism, cystic fibrosis and other diseases.


Surfer’s Survival Guide: Surfez En Toute Sécurité (French)

Surf Thérapie (French)

@GuillaumeBarucq @surfprevention


Dr.JoostBierensDr. Joost Bierens MD PhD MCDM (The Netherlands)

Dr. Joost Bierens, MD PhD, (The Netherlands, 1954) studied medicine in Nijmegen (NL). He was trained as an anaesthesiologist in Leiden (NL) and emergency physician in Leuven (Belgium). After he completed his training, he worked as an anaesthesiologist and Intensive Care physician (Venlo, NL) and head of the department of Intensive Care and Hyperbaric Medicine (Antwerp, Belgium). At this moment he is the head of the Department of Anesthesiology of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam (NL). In February 2002 he was appointed as Professor in Emergency Medicine at the Department of anesthesiology. The hospital has a function as a supra-regional level I trauma centre and is the ground station for a helicopter mobile medical team. His major fields of attention include emergency and disaster medicine.

The scientific interest in water-related injuries started when he worked as a professional lifeguard during medical school vacations. During his medical career he published more than 80 articles and chapters on drowning, hypothermia and water safety. In 1996 he completed the PhD thesis “Drowning in the Netherlands. Pathophysiology, epidemiology and clinical studies”. He is a regular national and international invited speaker and teacher on these subjects, from a practical rescue level to the clinical intensive care level. He is affiliated to several organisations in this field such as the Royal Dutch Orange Cross, Royal Dutch Lifeboat Institution and the Medical Commission of the International Life Saving Federation. Since the origin of the idea to obtain a global focus on the issue of drowning in 1996, he serves as project co-ordinator of the World Congress on Drowning.

In addition to the activities in the field of water safety, Dr. Joost Bierens is involved in research, education and strategy planning in several other fields such as intubation, infection prevention, medical ethics, diving medicine, resuscitation, emergency medicine and disaster medicine. He has published several articles and chapters in books and presented scientific papers on these topics. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Emergency Medicine.


Drowning – An Overview of the revised handbook. Maatschappij tot Redding van Drenkelingen (Society to Rescue People from Drowning).

The Annual Paragon Awards, sponsored by Pentair Aquatic Systems, are presented for outstanding contributions to: Competitive Swimming, Water Polo, Competitive Diving, Aquatic Safety, Synchronized Swimming and Recreational Swimming.,-md,-phd.html


SzpilmanDr. David Szpilman (Brazil)

David Szpilman graduated from medicine in 1982. He completed his medical residency jobs during 1982 to 1985 as a specialist in internal medicine and intensive care with a focus on drowning, after which he quickly became head of the intensive care unit of the Hospital Municipal Miguel Couto in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Additionally, he became the doctor for the Fire Department in the State of Rio de Janeiro where he was head of the Drowning Recovery Center for 12 years. His current roles involve; board member of medical commission of International Lifesaving Federation (ILS); founding partner, ex-president and current medical director of the Brazilian society of aquatic rescue – SOBRASA; member of the Technical Chamber of sports medicine of the CREMERJ; medical reviewer of journals “Resuscitation” and the “New England Journal of Medicine“. He is the author of 4 books, 61 book chapters and more than 127 national and international medical articles on drowning. He is a frequent guest lecturer worldwide, and has presented at many conferences across the globe; 390 lectures in Brazil, and 22 International (Belgium, Hungary, England (2), Spain (3), UNITED STATES (4), Argentina (3), Venezuela, Uruguay, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal (2), Ireland, and Australia).


Creating a drowning chain of survival. Szpilman, David et al. Resuscitation, Volume 85, Issue 9, 1149 – 1152


admin-ajaxProf. Mike Tipton (Portsmouth, UK)

Professor Tipton is Professor of Human & Applied Physiology at the Extreme Environments Laboratory, Department of Sport & Exercise Science, University of Portsmouth, UK.

Educated at the Universities of Keele and London, Prof. Tipton joined the University of Surrey in 1986. After 12 years at the Robens Institute and European Institute of Health and Medical Science he moved to the University of Portsmouth in 1998. In addition to his University positions, Professor Tipton was based at the Institute of Naval Medicine (INM) from 1983 to 2004 and was Consultant Head of the Environmental Medicine Division of the INM from 1996. He has spent over 30 years researching and advising the military, industry and elite sports people in the areas of thermoregulation, environmental and occupational physiology and survival in the sea. He has published over 500 scientific papers, reports, chapters and books in these areas.

Professor Tipton has been a Consultant in Survival and Thermal Medicine to the Royal Air Force and UKSport; he sits on the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) Medical and Survival Committee, and the Ectodermal Dysplasia Society’s Medical Advisory Board. In 2004, Prof. Tipton was made an Honorary Life Member of the International Association for Safety & Survival Training (IASST) in recognition of his work in sea survival. He chaired UKSport’s Research Advisory Group and now sits on the English Institute of Sports’ Technical Advisory Group. Prof. Tipton chairs the Energy Institute’s Health Technical Committee; he a Trustee of Surf Lifesaving GB and Senior Editor of the journalExtreme Physiology and Medicine. Prof. Tipton is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, he provides advice to a range of universities, government departments, industries, medical, search and rescue, and media organisations.


TissoDr. Brian Tissot (California, USA)

Professor Tissot is a surfer and a marine ecologist with over three decades of experience conducting research on temperate and tropical marine ecosystems. He received his Ph.D. in Zoology from Oregon State University and has held positions at the University of Hawaii and Washington State University. He currently serves as the Director of the Marine Laboratory at Humboldt State University and lives in Trinidad, CA. He has published over 70 papers in scientific journals and has been awarded over $7 million in research grants in his career and serves on multiple scientific advisory boards. Brian’s work has been featured in Scientific American, Smithsonian magazine, the Washington Post and several films.

His Benthic Ecology Laboratory is focused on scientific research that improves the understanding, management and conservation of marine ecosystems. In collaboration with local communities, agencies, and a variety of other organizations, he develops and implements innovative solutions to marine resource issues.  Working in Hawaii for the last 20 years, Dr. Tissot and his colleagues have improved the management of the aquarium fishery along the Kona coast by developing a community-based, collaborative research program on marine protected areas. Along the California and Oregon coasts he has worked on deep sea fisheries and their effects on structure-forming invertebrates and his research has been used to formulate management strategies for bottom trawling and protecting essential fish habitat.

In addition to his scientific research Tissot (aka “Dr. Abalone”) also produces surfing videos on YouTube and blogs about surfing, marine biology and environmental issues on his site




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