Peter_Conroy_Wave_1Over the next few weeks we will be introducing some of the international lecturers for our upcoming Advanced Surfing Medicine Life Support (ASLS) Course taking place in Ericeira, 4th-10th May 2014. There will be trailblazers galore, including: a Founding Father of Surfing Medicine and co-author of “Surf Survival”, Dr. Andrew Nathanson; Founding Member of Lifeguards Without Borders, Dr. Andrew Schmidt; Lifeguarding and Surf Instructor and former Dutch National Longboard Champion, Hans van den Broek, to name but a few.

Peter_Conroy_ProfileToday, we’re starting with Peter Conroy (35), an Irish Big Wave Surfer, former Billabong XXL Finalist, and Paramedic. Peter will provide his unique expertise in big wave surfing settings, special rescue techniques, and the pros and cons of jet-ski assisted rescue. Who knows, he might even bring something buzzing that floats along with him to the ASLS Course!

Check out Peter in conversation with EASD Member and Austrian Pro-Surfer, Dr. Lisa Veith, below. In addition, watch him in action riding cavernous Irish barrels from recent Hurricane Hercules-generated ground swell!

Remember, don’t hang around, this is your last chance to secure one of the few remaining ASLS course places! 


Peter_Conroy_Wave_2Name: Peter Conroy

Age: 35

Nationality: Irish

Sponsors: Gooch. Northcore. Narosa surf shop. Bubblegum Wax, Nectar sunglasses.

Surfing since: 1996.

What is your favourite surf spot? Mullaghmore.

What is your home spot? Reilly’s and Aileens.

Peter_Conroy_Wave_3Have you been attracted by big waves from the first surfing day on? Yes.

Are you doing competitions? Have only done a few competions, local ones and one big wave one in Mullaghmore.

What was your biggest wave? Haven’t caught it yet.

How many days a month are you surfing? Whenever there are waves, i surf.

How many days a week you do sports? Whenever i have time and feel the urge to.

What is your daily work? I work as a fireman/paramedic in the Dublin fire brigade, we are a very busy service, with a lot of medical cases and emergency rescue cases also.

What were your worst surfing injuries? A broken back, anterior L1 fracture, followed by a fractured skull and a few broken ribs.

Any other passions apart from surfing? Surf lifesaving, jetski rescue and swimming.

Favourite drink? Guinness.

Favourite meal? Supermacs cheese burgers.

Favourite mantra/say/motto? No Scrapes, No Scars, No Proof


Wanna see Peter riding some big ones? Here is two videos to start with:

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