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We congratulate Jeremy Flores with two victories on one day. Congratulations on the title in one of the world’s most dangerous waves, in a field filled with talented professionals. Secondly, congratulations on winning the Tahiti Pro while wearing a helmet. This is the beginning of a cultural change that we strive to achieve in the surf sport: keeping the surfer healthy and safe. We will keep informing surfers, so they can make their own decisions on safety issues and injury prevention. Jeremy Flores made a decision to wear a helmet, and immediately got nicknamed “helmet man”. He was informed on the risks by trial and error. He suffered a horrific head injury on the 22nd of June during the Fiji Pro at Cloudbreak this year: two facial fractures, and a contusion in his brain. From our recent research, we learned that surfers who have suffered from an injury, change their safety behaviour. Everyone makes decisions on safety for themselves. Jeremy “the helmet man” Flores already did.

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Photo above: air ambulance transport of Jeremy Flores after a serious head injury June 22nd, 2015. Photo credits: Instagram Jeremy Flores
Photo right: Jeremy Flores celebrating his after taking off his helmet

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