Dear Surfing Doctors, Allied Health Professionals, lifeguards, surf instructors and surfers,

The European Association of Surfing Doctors is proud to look back with you at an amazing year full of Surfing Medicine in 2013!

In Sagres last October, medical professionals from all over the world gathered to discuss medical conditions linked to surfing. For us, this was a milestone in the improvement of the health and safety of the surfer in the future, and there is still a lot to be done, where cooperation with other international organisations will be key to improving healthcare and water safety.

Last year we organised two accredited events: our first Advanced Surfing Medicine Life Support (ASLS) course combining hands aquatic life saving skills with hardcore medical knowledge, and a splashing 2nd Annual Conference in Surfing Medicine of which you see the magic outcome in the picture attached.
We want to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and the contribution everyone has made, enjoy the EASD flashback!
Flashback with the EASD into 2013!

Advanced Surfing Medicine Life Support Course from The EASD on Vimeo.

Conference Surfing Medicine 2013, Sagres from The EASD on Vimeo.

And get ready for the big waves (tour) in 2014 – Trauma in Big Wave Surfing

Register for our ASLS course, conference, read state of the art Surfing Medicine articles, educational video’s and much more… at

Stay tuned, the date and location of our 3rd Annual Conference in Surfing Medicine in 2014 will be revealed soon….! A location you do not want to miss out on..!

Happy new year and a healthy and safe 2014 with a lots of surf!

The European Association of Surfing Doctors

Please contact us through if you want to contribute in some way, and keep an eye on our “jobs” section which can be found under the tab “EASD Lab”

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