The European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD)


“The Surfing Medicine Global Outreach Report 2015”

The European Association of Surfing Doctors (EASD) is proud to present the 2nd Surfing Medicine International Community Global Outreach Report. The EASD is a medical, non-profit organization grounded in a commitment to excellence, in the application of state-of-art knowledge, evidence-based science, and transparency to surfer welfare, and in staging 100% certified Continued Medical Education (CME) educational events.

Since our founding four years ago, 120 projects have been successfully realized. We started out with “A Passion for Surfing and Medicine”; with time, dedication, and a lot of hard work, we have developed into the leading medical organization committed to “Keeping the Surfer Healthy and Safe”.

Figure 1: EASD Global Outreach 2015, only few white spots left!

EASD Global Outreach 2015, only a few white spots left!

Presently, professionals from 31 countries working 24/7 on original science and surfing medicine research are establishing the foundations and necessary framework for new, evidence-based standards within surfing, and implementing the gained knowledge and experience won in order to contribute meaningfully to the further improvement and professionalization of surfing medicine and the sport we love dearly. From 373 in 2014, we have grown to 510 members in 2015, representing the largest community of surfing doctors worldwide.

In 2014, the EASD reached out to the big wave community by “Taking Surfing Medicine to the Extreme” at the 3rd Annual Surfing Medicine Conference in Ireland. Designed and delivered by 2013 Billabong XXL Finalist, Peter Conroy, the EASD organized the world’s first multiple-specialization, medical-response PWC rescue training for surfing, sharing our knowledge, experience, and defining new standards and approaches to the safety, prevention, and treatment of emergency situation in big wave surfing.

Convening Conferences with unique people, realizing projects new to the world of medicine and surf science, and consistently exceeding the expectation of expert collaborators; by building on the knowledge of hundreds of medical doctors, academic professors and applied scientists, allied health professionals, and educating the surfing public, whether the everyday surfer or top professional surfing athletes, the EASD is growing from strength-to-strength year on year.

Conference2013_delegates_lineup_croppedWorldsLargestDrowningResusWorkshopWith 2015 well under way, the EASD and the Surfing Medicine International community is once again preparing for the gathering of minds and surfboards at the 4th Annual Surfing Medicine Conference. This year, returning to “The Core of Surfing Medicine”, we are unifying the world’s leading experts on drowning prevention and delivering another first in the form of the world’s largest Drowning Resuscitation Workshop yet seen. Stoked? We are too!

See you in Pays Basque (France) at Conference 2015 in Anglet/Biarritz this September!


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