With International Surfing Day 2014 (#ISD14) still fresh in our memory … we’d like to acknowledge the enormous efforts of organisations who protect our coasts and safeguard our oceans, e.g. Clean Coasts Ireland (#cleancoasts), Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), Surfrider Foundation. These organisations, supported by thousands of hours of voluntary commitment (e.g. time, monetary contribution, etc.), spearhead the agenda to keep the ocean and our coastal environments they way we need and like them.

Recognising that the ocean is a crucial resource and a key environmental determinant of health in the lives of surfers, the EASD teamed up with Clean Coasts Ireland for our surfers’ health symposium – The Surfer’s Academy (13 September 2014). Looking after our coastline contributes hugely to “Keeping the Surfer [and their communities] Healthy and Safe”, that’s why we’re stoked about working with Clean Coasts!

Clean Coasts Ireland will deliver a talk during “The Elements” section of the Surfer’s Academy, highlighting some of their successful community engagement and mobilisation initiatives, such as:

Clean Coasts Volunteers

Currently, there are over 400 groups taking part! ‘Coastcare’ facilitates community guardianship of adopted stretches of coastline and supports the establishment of engaged community networks to champion coastal management, environmental actions, and education activities.

Green Coast Awards

Untitled2This award is for beaches which, not only have excellent water quality, but also have a natural, unspoilt environment – meaning that the special character of such a beach may not be compatible with the level of infrastructure and intensive management generally associated with more urban, traditional seaside resort beaches. Mullaghmore and Streedagh are two such spots in Sligo, which is why we’ll be taking you there as part of the “Outdoor” activities on the 11th Sept during Conference 2014!

Check out all of the above and more at http://www.cleancoastsireland.org/ and support Clean Coasts Ireland, or your local organisation!

Clean Coasts Ireland have very kindly arranged for their award-winning “Love Your Coast” photography exhibition to be displayed at the Surfer’s Academy.

If you think this is cool, you’ll probably also want to check out these sites too – Other leading organisations working to safeguard our maritime environment.

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) http://www.sas.org.uk/

Surfrider Foundation http://www.surfrider.org/

Beat the Microbead http://www.beatthemicrobead.org/en/

Plastic Soup Foundation http://plasticsoupfoundation.org/eng/



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