The 4th Annual Surfing Medicine Conference brings you the World’s Largest Drowning Resuscitation Workshop and the Surfing Medicine Championship!

Calling out to ALL Surfing Health Professionals worldwide: General Practitioners, Nursing Staff, Neuro-Surgeons, Cardiologists, Orthopaedics, ER Nurses and Physicians, Psychiatrists, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists, Medical and Physiotherapy Students!

Have you ever had to prepare physically for a Medical Conference?

Swim trial: Try to swim 400m in 9 minutes

Intervals: Run 200m, swim 200m, run 200m

Are you ready to respond to a drowning incident?

Challenge colleagues in your own hospital or clinic and come as a TEAM to France!

Drowning Resuscitation Workshop

The current literature confirms that immediate action of on-the-scene bystanders saves lives. The chances of survival increasing substantially with adequate direct resuscitation on the scene. After drowning the duration of hypoxia is the most critical factor in determining the victim’s outcome. Without direct pre-hospital/on-the-scene resuscitation, the advanced life support techniques appear to be of little value in almost all cases.

10383734_891990944155349_184547833995504255_oOur programme includes essential lifesaving skills stations:

– Scene Safety

– Lifeguarding techniques

– Resuscitation of the drowning victim

Surfing Medicine Championship

Is your TEAM up to the challenge of becoming the world’s first Surfing Medicine Champions?

The challenge includes:

  • Drowning Resuscitation Quiz
  • Open Water Swim
  • Retrieval of the conscious casualty
  • Flagpole Race

There’s an exciting prize in store for the winning team!

Register Your TEAM for Conference 2015!




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