Surfing Medicine Outreach 2011-2014

European Association of Surfing Doctors

The European Association of Surfing Doctors is proud to present our first global outreach report. Our non-profit organisation is based on accredited applied skills, state of the art knowledge, evidence-based science, and transparency.

The 2nd Annual Conference Surfing Medicine2-5 October 2013, Sagr

Since the founding of the EASD three years ago, great things have been achieved. We started off with hearts full of passion for “Surfing and Medicine”. With time, work, and love for the cause; we have developed to the organisation that “Keeps the Surfer Healthy and Safe”. Professionals from 24 countries work 24/7 on the implementation of new medical science, knowledge, experience, and standards in order to improve and professionalize the approach to surfing. 373 EASD members representing the entire world are creating a unique network working for the future.

But how did we start off and where are we now?

Together with our allied associations and many other non-profit and commercial companies we have reached almost all the global community.

Viewers from 148 countries have joined the EASD quest and are supporting us with their experiences and presence. Many more exciting partnerships are in the pipeline, all with the goal of keeping the surfer and the board sports community healthy and safe.

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See you in Sligo at our 3rd Annual Conference and the 1st EASD Surfers Academy!

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