Call for action on research on how plastics effects the human body.


Surfing Medicine International partnered with the Plastic Soup Foundation, and WEMOS to campaign for more research on how plastic effects the human body.

On 28 August we ask the attention for research on how plastic effects the human body.

We want money to be made available as quickly as possible for major research that will look at questions such as:

• How much plastic is there in our blood and tissues?

• Are small plastic particles accumulating in our liver and/or brains?

• How do these small plastic particles enter our bodies?

• What is the most important route? Is it by breathing plastic particles, touching toys,

through plastic packaging, from wearing synthetic clothing, using cosmetics or through the food chain?

Read the the folder with scientific information on noplasticsinmybody here.


Dutch National News 28-8-2016

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