Ogi Markovic (Austria)

Ogi currently resides in Austria, Vienna. An avid surfer that spans more than three decades of surfing under his belt. Since his first scientific work in 1997, he had Surfing Medicine in mind. As a research assistant, he had cultivated the first pterygium in vitro cell culture in Europe, followed by further studies on the pterygium and other UV related diseases. He has then moved on to be a researcher for Clinical Pharmacology and Ophthalmology Unit at the Medical University Vienna. His research and education has span over multiple countries;- Chile,Australia, Austria, and Slovakia.

After his GP education, he worked in the field of internal medicine, where he specialized in Ophthalmology, Optometry and Eye Surgery, followed by Occupational & Preventive Medicine.

He is a consultant for the Technical University Vienna of IFM Group. His continuous work in research and science had offered him a chance to start lecturing and teaching in numerous universities and institutes, providing him the platform to consult on product development and placement. He is currently a MD consultant for the Plastic Soup Foundation and a lecturer for the University of Lisbon, running the High Performance Surf Coach Postgraduate programme.

Human vision in all its aspects is his core passion; envisioning solutions and strategies, role of vision in human kinetics for high performance sport and prevention as well as therapy of ocular pathologies and its population impact.

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