Surfing Medicine International currently hosts a number of different events for both, non-medically trained surfers and surfing health professionals. Here’s a short overview.

Conference Surfing Medicine

The “World Conference on Surfing Medicine” will take place in Torquay, Australia from 10th – 13th April 2019. This is a state-of-the-art medical conference delivering premium academic content in an innovative and engaging format. It provides a scientific platform for surfing healthcare professionals, scientists, lifeguards, and other key players across the global surf community. The annual surfing medicine conference has run since 2012 and has seen speakers and participants from all around the globe.

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ASLS Course

Advanced Surf Life Support™
A training course for doctors and allied health professionals

The Advanced Surf Life Support™ (ASLS™) is a seven (7) day training course featuring a wide array of topics, such as: drowning and hypothermia; rescue techniques; theory concerning waves, tides, and rips; outdoor scene safety and patient assessment; diagnosis and treatment of wounds, marine envenomation, and musculoskeletal injuries, to name but a few aspects. Developed by Surfing Medicine International’s forerunner and refined over the years it is the original and leading course in surfing medicine specifically designed for health professionals. Participants experience theoretical and practical “hands-on” training as well as land and water based scenarios by experienced surfing doctors, wilderness medics, drowning specialists, and professional surf-lifeguard instructors. Teaching includes learning how to improvise with rudimentary materials (an essential skill in remote settings), how to work with professional-grade medical kits, splint injured extremities, and rescue victims in open water.

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BSLS Course

Basic Surf Life Support™

The BSLS is for everyone – whether you’re a first aid green-horn, endowed with practical experience or in continuous first aid training: this course will teach you new, surf relevant skills and knowledge in a fun and practical way.

A full day of BSLS training will give you hands-on training, fun educational role-playing and teach you water rescue techniques. Besides you will learn about waves, tides, and rips, outdoor scene safety and patient assessment, marine stings, musculoskeletal injuries, to name but a few aspects.

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Surfer’s Academy

The Surfer’s Academy is a full-day Health and Well-being Symposium for Surfers about the issues that affect them in and out of the water, and forms part of the ongoing SMI outreach program – translating our vision of “Keeping the Surfer Healthy and Safe”.

Check-out our last Surfer’s Academy, New Zealand

Symposia in Surfing Medicine

Symposia are events that discuss health topics within Surfing Medicine, among health professionals, Surfers and Coaches/Trainers and  other interested professionals from other allied sciences.

If you educational institution is interested to host an event on Surfing Medicine, please contact us.

The Kick Off Symposium of Surfing Medicine International for Students in 2016 at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands was a huge succes with many stoked students!


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