Marianne Madland

Marianne Madland

Name: Marianne Madland

Age: 24

Profession: Medical student, third year

Surfing since: 2006

Board: 6.0 feet, chilli

Homespot: Borestranden, Jæren, Norway

About me: Apart from being a committed medical student I spend a lot of time with my friends, travel as much as time and money allows, enjoy music and of course surf. I first tried surfing in 2006 at Borestranden, Norway. It was so ridiculously fun and after that I went surfing in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Indonesia and Hoddevika (the latter is also in Norway- with amazing scenery).

Marianne, recently we reached the barrier of 1000 likes on Facebook, and because we couldn’t get a hold of #1000 (Artur Alves, where are you?) we approached you. We are keen on knowing about the people who are interested in us and to learn about their background. We’ve seen more surfers contacting us recently, after an initial influx of doctors. You happen to be somehow right in between, being a surfing medical student. So please tell us how you found out about us and why you “liked” us:

I got a link to EASDs facebook page from a friend. I guess she found EASD in relation to the fact that we’ve both been trying to find a combination of a relevant job (both are med. students) and surf for the summer-13. I “liked” EASDs because, well, it’s both a matter of personal interests as a surfer, and the fact that it might come in handy to know about surf medicine as a future doctor.

What kind of doctor would you like to become and how will you (try to) combine your daily work with the love for surfing? What does surfing mean to you and how does it affect or influence your career and personal life?

I would definitely want a job with varied days and challenges, but so far I’ve got three more years to go before I make a decision. Currently I am enrolled at a university situated five hours from the nearest surf spot, and that’s bothering me pretty much every day. After all, to me, surfing is fun, happiness and something I plan to continue with as long as I can.

Where do you think surfing will take you in life and career?

At least around the world.

Do you know any other surfing doctors and if so, are they connected to the EASD?

I don’t know of any surfing doctors, however I know of a few surfing medical students, and all of them find EASD very interesting.

Have you ever been in a situation where Surfing Medicine was involved, either yourself as a patient or helping another surfer?

Fortunately not.

What is your opinion on the future of surfing medicine? And how do you think the EASD could be best of value to both doctors and surfers?

There are health issues related to surfing ranging from sun burning and smashing your head into your board to serious injuries from hitting the reefs or shark attacks. Surfing is what many people live for and from. I believe it’s highly relevant to be able to know how to prevent health issues related to surfing and to know what to do when accidents occur. Surf spots are often far away from the main tracks and from the hospitals so easily accessible information from EASD about surf medicine would be an advantage for every surfer.

Some final questions:

Favorite 2013 ASP Tour surfer? Stephanie Gilmore

Favorite surfing movie? Shack Therapy

Favorite surfing book? Not a book, but SurfGirl Magazine

Favorite surfing quote? Wiping out is an underappreciated skill. (Laird Hamilton)

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