Dear Surfing Doctors,

The EASD is growing powerfully and steadily! Since our Founding Conference in 2012 our ideas and efforts have motivated many fellow MD’s and AHP’s to make a stand and actively support our cause. Endless nights of work and Skype meetings by the EASD Teams have produced a unique atmosphere and workflow filled with creativity and openness. This resulted in the Founding Conference 2012, a great website with a member’s area, and the ASLS Course 2013. Many even more staggering initiatives will follow!

But what is the secret behind the success of the EASD? Is it the passion for surfing and medicine, the transparency, the non-profit base, the state of art knowledge, or the evidence-based approach to Surfing Medicine?

We believe, it is all of the above together, but with the addition of one more very important party: our members.

But what makes our team members so special? We believe it is their diverseness! We are consultants but also medical students. We are MD’s or AHP’s but we are also IT specialists, lawyers and tax specialists. At heart we are surfers, but we are also board riders of any kind. We are amateurs but we are also professionals!

Let us introduce you to one of our team members Lisa Veith from Graz, Austria. Lisa is one of our Advanced Surfing Medicine Life Support (ASLS) course team members, but also a Sports MD and GP. Sponsored by companies like O´Neill, Blue Tomato, Dana Beanies, Rome Snowboards, Body Glove Protection, Muckefuck Skateboards and Arthrodisc. She is a surfer, number one on the 2012 Austrian Surfing Championships, a professional skateboarder winning the Girls-Bowl-Contest Brixlegg 2011, ranking 3rd on the Q-Parks-SB-Tour 2011, a snowboarder winning the Hochkönig Stylechampionships 2013, ranking 2nd on the Platz Sick Trick Tour Open Kitzbühl 2013 and the Spotival Railjam Obertauern 2013.

Who is Lisa Veith, MD?

Lisa Veith Where did you do your medical training?

In Graz/Austria.

When and where did you start surfing?

10 years ago in Costa Rica, playa Hermosa.

Where is your home spot?

As there is unfortunately no sea in Austria, I don’t really have a home spot. Except for our river in Graz, called Mur, for river surfing… This works only a few times a year! But since I discovered my love for surfing, I spent several months in Bali so I already feel at home there and since last year also in Portugal.

Have you ever witnessed a surfing accident or treated a surfer?

Many times! Stitching on the boat at the Mentawais, stitching on the boat between Bali and Timor, stitching in Bali, treating middle ear infections, outer ear infections, skin infections, reef cuts, removing sea urchin stings from different parts of the body… If you work in a surf camp in Bali for a couple of months, there is hardly any surf related injury you don’t see!

What is your experience in “Surfing Medicine” so far?

Until I came in contact with the EASD, I didn’t have any experience with Surfing Medicine. I knew only a few other doctors who were surfers, but hardly any exchange of experiences, much less any recommendations concerning reef cuts etc.

How did you take notice of the EASD?

A friend of mine received an invitation to the first conference in Sagres last year, she couldn`t come, but I took part!

What is your “ordinary day” like?

I work in a rehabilitation facility as GP and Sports MD. I have my practice there and am responsible for 40-60 patients, staying for 3 weeks, with mainly minor to major musculoskeletal diseases, but also combined with metabolic or psychological problems. They receive a full body examination and according to their needs a special therapy prescription for the following weeks. To monitor the progress, I see them on short terms. We have very good results since our priority is set on active movement therapy and you see what is possible in just 3 weeks! That’s why I really like my job!

What in your opinion must not be missed when talking about “Surfing Medicine”?

ASLS (Advanced Surfing Medicine Life Support course), of course!!;-)

How would you describe your motivation to work in the EASD?

I think that my motivation is extraordinary high. Maybe I can give an example: this year I missed the final of the Q-parks contest because I wanted to personally help organizing the ASLS course…

How do you see yourself as a Surfing Doctor in the future?

There are so many surfing related injuries you could prevent with a proper training or sometimes just with information. And there is still a lot of research necessary in board sports concerning preventative and conservative vs. operative therapies. I think as a link between active athlete and doctor, as part of the Surfing Doctor community I’m able to provide a really good base to improve the medical care for surfers. Wherever they surf!

What is the next thing you are exited about the EASD?

The Kick Off Conference 2013 in October. I think it is going to be an unforgettable event again, giving us all the possibility to learn and share even more knowledge and experience.

Lisa’s sport injuries:

  • Surf: only minor injuries: bruises, cuts, reef cuts
  • Skate: SL-dissociation (wrist), ankle sprains, cuts, bruises
  • Snow: Skier’s thumb


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