Yannick de Jager - © Jan Bijl

The EASD is very happy to proclaim Yannick de Jager as our first pro surfing Ambassador to support the EASD.

Yannick (25) is currently the best surfer from the Netherlands and takes part in WQS competitions around Europe. This season he reached the quarter finals of the 3-star Vendee Pro event, beating some of the world’s best surfers. Another highlight of Yannick in 2012 was his online video project ”Stories from here to There”, that surprised and heavily impressed international surf media all over the world.

Being a talented pro surfer who is performing on full time basis and being inevitably concerned about health, injuries, traveling issues, and protection the EASD is having confidence in Yannick as a representative of our cause. By teaming up with athletes the EASD will be able to translate knowledge and experience from the professional surfing world to the wide recreational surfing community.

More than the average focused on knowledge about the human body, Yannick possesses quite detailed information on surf related health issues based on personal experiences and interest. With his enthusiasm and passionate motivation to give something back from what he received from surfing, the EASD is lucky to have him on board.

Yannick, thanks for your support!

For more background information and action footage visit this page.

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