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Every surfer probably knows that “life is better in board shorts”, but Mother Ocean sometimes treats us best with cold water waves around the globe. Our friends at Finisterre even set up an entire program to eventually produce the best possible cold water wetsuit. Hopefully this will lead to the use of other fabrics than regular neoprene and more sustainable ones like Patagonia announced a while ago. The rationale, technique, and physiology behind these protective garments are discussed by Chris Woodford in our famous article “The wonder of wetsuits”.

Wearing a wetsuit will prevent you from getting cold, and might even give you the opportunity to surf Antarctic waters while being surrounded by penguins. Almost just like you may have seen in the movie theater… Speaking of cinema, the guys from “North of the Sun (Nordfor sola)” seem to have done an amazing job, with respect to all surf film festival and documentary prices they won with bringing cold water surf to the movies.

The featuring image of this blog was taken by Todd Glaser, who explains the story behind it over here. In case you like cold water surf photography, you might want to check out Scott Dickerson’s website, blog, and work.


The Ninth Wave – Juneau – Phototography: Todd Glaser

How things can go wrong while surfing, is expressed by this case report (BMJ 2009) we presented on our website previously. The essential resuscitation steps in case of hypothermia are discussed in further detail full text (access needed). If you would like to learn more about hypothermia in adventurous situations, you might want to check out the MedWildVideos channel where a 7-part stream of hypothermia related issues is shown. Enjoy.

Arvid Schigt.

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