The answer is three (3) times a clear NO!

Let’s clarify three huge misconceptions:

  1. Surfer’s Ear is NOT an acute thing. Surfer’s Ear is developing slowly over the years. Even once you got it, it starts to progress slowly. Do not confuse Surfer’s Ear with an ear infection (Otitis), which is another topic we will cover another time.
  2. Surfer’s Ear is NOT a disease, it is a condition. In other words: an anatomical special feature. But it might cost you a few surf sessions in the future.
  3. Surfer’s Ear is NOT dangerous. But it is specific to the sport of surfing and it can be really annoying.

Learn how you can avoid it or slow it down in the Q&As below.

Answered by M. von Grote, MD and M. Goettinger, MD

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