Anyone can develop a skin cancer and this risk increases with time and cumulative exposure. However, some people are more likely to do so than others and these include those who have: 

  • Fair skin that burns easily
  • Light coloured eyes, e.g. blue, grey, or hazel
  • Naturally fair blonde or red hair
  • Numerous freckles
  • An outdoor occupation and/or intense sun exposure at present or in the past*
  • An outdoor pursuit such as surfing, cycling, gardening, etc.* 
  • Frequent use of artificial sun lamps and/or sunbeds
  • Experienced sunburnt skin
  • A history of skin cancer
  • An organ transplant recipient
  • A compromised immune system, e.g. those who have a blood disorder such as leukaemia, or those who are taking immunosuppressive medications

*Note: Without the use of sunscreen

Answered by Alex Kelleher, MD

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